Posted in September 2013

Trees, bikes, London, radio, random thoughts.

On Saturday we were in London, wandering around the Covent Garden area, when we came across a pop-up forest. We settled down at Seven Dials with free popcorn, listened to a busker, and I accidentally deleted all the photos from my camera. Luckily, there are photos available around the glorious internet, and a whole facebook … Continue reading

When to heckle… when to listen…

On Tuesday I was at Tunbridge Wells’ Assembly Hall Theatre for the launch of this year’s Panto – Oh Yes It Is! “Jack and the Beanstalk” – where all the traditional parts of the seasonal play were assembled, and about to rehearse the annual event that relies heavily on audience participation. On Wednesday I was … Continue reading

A mixed bag… Americans, Poems, AM

It’s been a busy week. I sort of missed blogging yesterday after being blown away by the music from the night before, so now we are on a mix of music and poetry. However, as last night was the fourth Javabean poetry night (bottom photo), not too much to report – we all had a … Continue reading

Animation, Documentary & Busking

If you paid attention, you would have found lots to do in Tunbridge Wells today, including the Oxjam Buskathon on the Pantiles Bandstand, to fundraising in The Bedford Pub with Acoustic Valium Project. Or you could have spent nine hours in Trinity Theatre watching the last day of films at the Electric Lantern Festival . … Continue reading

Art Pull in Woods Restaurant

Having got the Art Pull Gallery established in Camden Road, Mark Paul Perry has now set up with Woods restaurant in the Pantiles to display work each month, and jolly good it looks too in the grand setting that is Woods. Last night was the Private View, and due to the glorious networking in Tunbridge … Continue reading

That back to school feeling

Yesterday we went, for the third year running, to Honnington Country Fair. Always on the first Sunday in September, this year it managed to be on the first day of September… and now looms the ‘Back to School’ rush. Not too sure where the summer went, we haven’t had a chance to get away, and … Continue reading

Tea and Jam

Another Oxjam event yesterday, a pop up Tea Room in the vacant shop in Royal Victoria Place. This unit has hosted SoCreate and Bring the Happy, now took it’s turn as a Tea Room with live music, book stall, and a lollipop draw! I caught the very end when Lewis Osmant joined Jay Burgess to … Continue reading