Animation, Documentary & Busking


If you paid attention, you would have found lots to do in Tunbridge Wells today, including the Oxjam Buskathon on the Pantiles Bandstand, to fundraising in The Bedford Pub with Acoustic Valium Project.

Or you could have spent nine hours in Trinity Theatre watching the last day of films at the Electric Lantern Festival .

We settled for an hour at lunchtime, and two hours this evening. “Short block 6” at noon today consisted of six different short films, from 3 minutes to 23 minutes, embracing documentary, art and animation. I’ve managed to find my two favourites on YouTube, which doesn’t quite have the same Big Screen experience, but, as you most probably missed out…. Firstly we have One Man that had the audience laughing out loud. The film Comic King of Guatemala is not the same as the YouTube channel, but you’ll get the idea – the actual 10 minute film was a mix of the first month of the shop opening, mixed with cartoons. This evening we saw one of the first showings of the film ‘Traveller’ featuring David Essex, a story set in the world of travellers, as a young man tries to find his place in life, while events beyond his control unfurl around him. But, in the good old ways of cinema, we also had a short film beforehand, “Telecommunicosmos” which was unexpected in appearance and format, and very funny.

The festival has screened 62 films over 6 days (Thursday was a day off), but in just the 8 I’ve seen, there was a glimpse into the worlds and minds of others. The films have come from a total of 18 countries (I have to admit to being glad not to have seen any subtitled ones…), but each film tells it’s own story which was important to it’s creators.

A thought provoking film day, with a little bit of music, beer & rain in the middle. Shall I make a film to show you……

Electric Lantern Festival


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