When to heckle… when to listen…


On Tuesday I was at Tunbridge Wells’ Assembly Hall Theatre for the launch of this year’s Panto – Oh Yes It Is! “Jack and the Beanstalk” – where all the traditional parts of the seasonal play were assembled, and about to rehearse the annual event that relies heavily on audience participation.

On Wednesday I was at the Forum for Word Up! poetry slam and performance, an evening to sit quietly and listen, and to chat in the breaks between performances. It is not the sort of event where you expect a group of people to wander in off the street and chat through the performance, and heckle random comments. However, they did. In a way, the evening was more memorable for that.

The Panto cast however, they are all very sad when the performance occurs and no-one does hiss and boo….

(Panto starts on FRIDAY 13th December, and the next Word Up! is on WEDNESDAY 13th November. Don’t muddle your dates and be the wrong sort of audience…)


3 thoughts on “When to heckle… when to listen…

  1. “Twenty miles from London and still no sign of Dick”. Whoops; wrong panto. You can delete this if you like! I think maybe I’ll write an audience participation poem for next Word Up (“Ohhhh no you won’t” /”Ohhhh yes I will” etc etc). That way, anyone showing up to heckle will be hoisted by their own petard…


    Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

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