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On Saturday we were in London, wandering around the Covent Garden area, when we came across a pop-up forest. We settled down at Seven Dials with free popcorn, listened to a busker, and I accidentally deleted all the photos from my camera.

Luckily, there are photos available around the glorious internet, and a whole facebook page by Cycle Camden about the forest, part of International Car Free Day. The seven roads leading out from Seven Dials were all car free on Saturday, and there were cycle services and skills courses. We also spotted a cartoon laid out along the road of Neal Street, which features on the facebook page.

Covent Garden is lovely and lively at the best of the times, but I was struck afterwards just how we take the green spaces we have for granted. Given that Covent Garden was the fruit, veg and flower market… it’s not very green around that part of London – and while it must be an interesting place to live – where’s the nearest B&Q Warehouse if you need to do a bit of DIY?

Musings aside, I also came across REPREZENT “The Voice of Young London” yesterday ( due to Kent band Slaves tweeting about their upcoming radio appearance at 9pm) – so far the music has been unusual, and makes a good background to writing. I’ve copied and pasted their details, just in case you want to know the finer details:

“Reprezent 107.3FM is proud to be the only radio station in the UK that is fully presented by young people under the age of 25. Most of us are under 20. Reprezent 107.3FM plays music from artists and DJ’s that are considered the leaders of the underground, but we like to spin the occasional big hitters! Our playlist is always 3 steps ahead.It’s not just about the music though, Reprezent 107.3FM actively campaigns on a range of issues affecting young people, whether its domestic violence, unemployment or global current affairs, we like to get involved and inform.

 Youth culture, young opinion and the youngest voices on your radio.”

So, if you fancy something a bit different, give them a try, and think about bicycles and green spaces….

(Photos from Tunbridge Wells!)


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