Scallywag Cafe


When leaving La Fiamma on Monday (see blog), and crossing Mount Ephraim to Sankeys, we noticed the antique shop on the corner seemed to have sprouted a cafe. It needed investigating, so Kate Sims and I made an appointment for Friday afternoon coffee. However, she couldn’t wait that long and had already been for a visit yesterday…. I’m concerned she may be moving in soon….

So, the furniture is all still for sale, but while it’s sitting there unsold, you can sit on it and enjoy some (very good) coffee (or tea) and a range of light refreshments. We both had yummy flapjacks, the lady who came to share our table (as we had the comfy chairs) had a lovely looking meringue, and if you look on facebook there are assorted cupcakes too. This is an area of town lacking a cafe, and has an excellent view over the edge of the Common. We think they are also going to become a hit with the children at the new Wells Free School. As well as all that, the toilet has a beautiful stained glass window. The only way you get to see that – by calling in for coffee! Open til 7pm seven days a week, it’s quirkness is a welcome addition to Tunbridge Wells cafe society.

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