Don’t you love an embargo? These days when (some of us) we are living via twitter and facebook… We had to wait until seated in The Royal Wells Hotel to announce that Friends of Grosvenor and Hilbert Park had won (this) Community Contribution Award. While being praised for his excellent website, our Dave was busy tweeting about the other people receiving awards, which included ‘We Made That’ for ‘Grosvenor Rocks’.

A privileged evening in the company of members of the Civic Society, other award winners such as Tunbridge Wells Hotel and Little Artisan cafe for their property renovation works, also the Mayor and Mayoress, and the Marquess of Abergavenny. As well as the awards there was an illustrated talk by Dr Philip Whitbourn, about buildings on and around the Common, including his idea of re-directing traffic so that the Pantiles can link over a pedestrianised section, to King Charles the Martyr Church.

I was also sat next to a gentleman who revealed he was trying to help save, and eventually restore, Royal Victoria Hall in Southborough, so we exchanged ‘cards’ and hopefully can pass on to him some of our information on the Heritage Lottery Fund. It was nice to be in a room full of people with a positive view of Tunbridge Wells, and a desire to make things better.

If you are sitting there moaning, get up, find a passion within the town, and join in, support something local, and make a difference. Sometimes you may get some wine and nibbles, or (see Community Orchard) tea and cakes, and will always get a great sense of community and new friendships.

(Hopefully this message applies to any town, let me know what passions Where You Live, in the comments box below)


4 thoughts on “RTWCS Award

  1. Yes it was an inspiring event Carolyn and well done on your awards and good luck with the future lottery bid. And also well done to Sherwood Lakes! Best Wishes Alan B ________________________________

    • Yes well done to Sherwood Lakes, I’m so surprised the people who have never heard of G&H Park or Sherwood Lake, despite increased publicity on both over the last three years!

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