Robingate Wood


Robingate Wood is the name of the woodland wedged between the A21 and the Knights Park cinema/Bowlplex development, and alongside the land that has been bought by Dandara to be developed into housing. Looking back on old maps, when North Farm was actually a working farm (until post WW2) the wooded areas are the same, and both the cinema site, and future housing, are on areas of farmland. The bottom photo shows the road to no-where. Now blocked off, the road is slowly being re-invaded by nature. Streams run either side of this road, and there are several marked footpaths through the hilly landscape.

Having already researched the woodland in Grosvenor and Hilbert park, the woodland here is the same – ancient woodland that belonged to Tonbridge Castle, and was used for free roaming animals – but had fences and ‘gates’ – hence Robingate. These woodland areas are still very quiet, despite the encroaching developments. 

Google Map TN2 3UW


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