Road Safety Week


There seems to be a National Week for just about everything, but Road Safety Week does act as a bit of an important reminder. I was invited by a Tunbridge Wells councillor to join hundreds of local school children in The Assembly Hall to meet Captain Safety. Along with his friend Jemima (the emu), Jimmy ( a cartoon) and two assistants from the audience, we were reminded to Stop, Look, Listen, Think, as Captain Safety made his way from home to hospital to visit his friend Billy who had been run over. It was fun, it was loud, and it contained several XFactor references… and at the end the audience were crowned Captain Safety Deputies and sent out to spread the word. The one thing I learnt – after many years of road crossing – the new danger is electric cars. As quiet as a bike, it’s important not to just glance over your shoulder at a quiet junction, but to actually Stop and Look for both quiet cars and bicycles.

Tomorrow our MP, Greg Clark, will hold an Open Meeting to “Get Tunbridge Wells Cycling”. TWBUG are aware of all the local problems with our un-joined up cycle lanes and hills, so it could be an interesting evening.


Road Safety Week

Interesting lighting effects in the Assembly Hall!!


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