The BFG, Trinity Theatre



In September I received the press release for Trinity Theatre’s Christmas Show – The BFG by Roald Dahl. I then spent a whole morning researching the life of Roald Dahl for a cover article of October ‘Stay Go’ – Trinity hadn’t cast the production and we had few details on how they would fit a host of giants onto their stage for three weeks. Stay Go went to press, and we moved onto the next month.. and the next.. until –

Friday the 13th,  which was the BFG Gala Night, and time to see how the magic would work. Trinity had released some photos by Michael Houghton of the giants in Trinity garden, which confirmed  earlier reports that puppets would be involved. I also knew from Samuel Marlow there would be some motion animation…

A two hour show (with interval) and the whole production worked really well, Matthew Springett as the BFG was brilliant! There was enough humour for the adults, and enough magic for the children, although the recommended age is 8+. I don’t want to give too much away, but another nice part was the chat I had afterwards with teen son. He hadn’t showed interest in the show, but as we talked about it he could remember large parts of the book, which he must have read about seven years ago.  I think testament to Dahl’s story telling skills that this tale works so well on so many levels, and is so memorable.

(Photos on blog by Michael Houghton for Trinity Theatre).

Trinity Theatre

Samuel Marlow


One thought on “The BFG, Trinity Theatre

  1. Aaah, smashing review, and not a single game given away. Pleased to say I am still delightfully in the dark over what actually happens ahead of going, but still really enjoyed the write-up. Love your diary style 🙂

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