Book review? “Live at The Brixton Academy”


I don’t think I’ve written a book review before! However, I had a ‘Waterstones’ (other bookshops are available) Gift Card for Christmas, and while browsing, spotted ‘Live at The Brixton Academy; a riotous life in the music business’ by Simon Parkes, with JS  Rafaeli. This isn’t a full review, as I’m only on page 151, but I have romped to there quite quickly. This is certainly the story of someone who fell into his job/career, told with a mix of humour and horror. Set at the start in 1980s Brixton, anyone who remembers that time will recall riots and Margaret Thatcher government. So not purely a story of music, or running a music venue, but a story of people and how they fitted into the times they were living in.

Having just read the autobiography of John Peel, ‘Margrave of the Marshes’, I’ve got to a stage where maybe true life is stranger than fiction, which is why I struggled to finish so many novels last year….


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