Coffee Haus


Don’t you love the internet? You could get lost there forever. While these two photos were uploading I was ‘googling’ Coffee Haus, and haus, and Coffee Haus Studios, and I’m sure half an hour of my life passed by….

The photos are of Fine Grind Espresso Bar set up in Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery last night. Serving coffees, teas, cold drinks, and the most delicious miniature pastries, the weekend started with a difference here, in the middle of the Dave McKean exhibition room. The fourth and final event held during the two month’s of exhibition, this was a chance to socialise and discuss the work on display, as well as meet Dave McKean.

Haus does mean house (as I was thinking it would) but the term Coffee Haus has been used by several diverse businesses – mixtures of coffee shop with art, books or music. In fact, a bit like inviting your friends to your house for coffee and a chat, surrounded by your art, books or music. Dave’s 2005 film MirrorMask was silently showing, music was playing, and people were mingling. What nicer way to start the weekend – or even just start Friday evening? It’s great to see the Art Gallery trying some alternative ideas and also widening their audience. Also yesterday, the Arts Council shared online “The value of arts and culture to people and society – an evidence review”, and while there was money to create that review, at the same time, locally, there is less money coming from central government to fund our arts, culture and tourism. So I feel it’s important we get out there and support the things that are there, organised by either the council, or hard working, independent individuals; I haven’t read the report – but surely it enhances life?

Now… pass me a cup of coffee… and back to google


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