Posted in April 2014

999, and 1,000 – not out.

We can make no claim for being there at the start, eight and a half years ago, but we were there over Easter weekend for the 999th and 1,000th ‘Paul Dunton and Guests, Local music by candlelight’ shows at the Grey Lady. Two extra long shows (Monday’s ran to seven acts) featured, as you’d expect, … Continue reading

Views from Lewes Castle

When my children were young I loved (even if they didn’t) the books about The Little Red Train. Being at the top of Lewes Castle reminded me of that, seeing distant views and tiny people! In the bottom photo, on left, beyond the bowling green and a couple of buildings, is the second of the … Continue reading

Lewes Castle

Varied weather on Saturday when we visited Lewes Castle. Full of lovely spring flower-beds, the castle has two entrance gates, and two mottes. Brack Mound is visible from the top of the other mound, but has no building now, and is actually closed for ‘health and safety’ reasons (it is made of chalk, which I … Continue reading

Fourth Plinth, Trafalgar Square

A sunny afternoon in London’s Trafalgar Square, with the incredible cobalt blue cockerel installed on the fourth plinth. Quite funny that our first view of it, as we walked along Pall Mall, also features a couple dressed in cobalt blue top and jeans! We had been on a long walk around central London, through Covent … Continue reading

Word Up! Holly McNish

A while ago I was advised to try and make time to get to ‘Word Up!’ on Wednesday 9th April, to see highly acclaimed Hollie McNish. I have written before about ‘Word Up!’, but if you are reading for the first time – ‘Word Up!’ is a spoken word event held in The Forum, hosted … Continue reading

Looking towards summer:

Having survived the Sahara dust storm, today it rained. Quite a revelation after a dry spell. However, currently looking forward to events in the summer – today it’s four weeks until the Friends of Grosvenor and Hilbert Park Family Fun Day – and also details are coming together for unfest – check out this trailer … Continue reading

St Peter Church, Bridge

There is no need for me to write anything about the church, as there is an excellent description here. We were in the church graveyard to look at the still flooded field; the graveyard is raised quite high about the field, or as Kent Archaeological Society comment: ‘just above the Nailbourne floodplain’. The water is … Continue reading