Family Fun Day 2014


Monday May 5th saw our third Family Fun Day in Grosvenor and Hilbert Park. I suppose this now makes in ‘annual’…. As the poster shows, it’s 125 years since the park was opened, and we started with a slight Victorian theme, but in the end the arrange of attractions were quite diverse.

We were happy to welcome back Bounce the Party castles, and Acoustic Valium Project music, but we also had some new attractions, such as Donkey Rides, and outdoor theatre booked through Applause Outdoor Touring. There were many stalls, from wood crafts to sweets, face-painting to a coconut shy.

We were so fortunate that the sun was shining, with just a light breeze in the afternoon, so not to hot, not too cold. The range of ages attending was incredible, with everyone having a good time, picnics were spread out on the grass, and children playing in the playground.

It’s an event that is certainly making the park known in the town, and we hope lots of people return to join the park in it’s quieter moments.


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