Three days in May


Anticipation, planning, organising.

Crossing the road.




Two old men walk in through the open doors, wander around in curiosity, go out again.

The drummer smiles the biggest grin.

A little girl in a fairy dress dances.

Stickers in a box.

CDs for sale for £4.00.

Flat batteries.

Fans on stage and bubble machines.

Real people opening doors.

Greg Clark.



Clapping, cheering, hugging, chatting.

The sounds in the Corn Exchange.

Saxophones and poets, Danish pastry and coffee.

My legs ache.

Bands in the audience.


The wren and the rabbit.

On the floor in the yurt.

Gone, Over, Done.


2 thoughts on “Three days in May

  1. You forgot to mention the BEER. How could you forget the BEER? *tsk* 😀 Unfest – and events like it – are thing(s) I LOVE about Tunbridge Wells. So for all those Village People who think I only see the negatives, stick that in your Jamie Oliver wood burning pizza oven and smoke the crap out of it!

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