Yes, there was music… #unfest14


This is what I saw and heard:

Perk and Pearl Lipschtick (Mind Your Head Gallery)

Artists Unveiled Sound Installation (Corn Exchange)

Hey Zeus (photo in The Cake Shed)

Rhythm and Rhyme (Javabean )

The Autumn Ravine (Forum)

The Watermelons (Forum)

Word Up! (Forum)

Ugly Love (Forum)

Empire (Forum)

Bombay Monkey (Forum)

Matt Bridle (Yurt)

Sean de Burca (Yurt)

Urban Soup mixing-decks

The Naming of Things (Forum)

Sirens & Shelter (Forum garden)

Jon Mills (Forum)

Set to Rise (Sussex Arms basement)

James Wood (The Bedford AVP acoustic stage)

Ukelear Fallout (Yurt)

House on Fire (Forum)

Flags (Forum)

Wheels (Forum)

Intraverse (photo where they made the audience sit on the floor)

Ultrasound (Forum)

Rocinia (photo in The Forum)

Charlie Jackson (Forum)

Standard Lamps (Forum)

ArteMiss (Forum)

Alice Rose Bernard (Forum)

Annaca (Forum)

Massmatiks (Forum)

Escucha (Forum)

Skies (Forum)

In Tyler We Trust (Forum)


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