Four weeks until Christmas

My Writers’ Group has, again, set up a Christmas writing challenge. In previous years we had ‘A picture paints a 1,000 words’ and an Advent Calendar. Now we have a ‘simple’ daily A-Z idea. Although the way pre-December planning is going Lovely 2 c u may have set himself a majorly large editing task. Firstly there are 24 days leading to Christmas, and 26 letters of the alphabet, which would be fine on doubling up on the usual XYZ… if X wasn’t for Xmas and Y for Yule… Secondly there are some people who are writing masses for one letter, and others, like me, attempting short pieces for each letter. Although I’m currently stuck on something for D not involving Dinner or Drink…

I have however, decided to share mine here, on a daily basis… well, as long as I can keep up. I may need my own doubling up on random, bizarre days. Or just a rambling list on days such as D…

An advance warning – A-G isn’t so far proving very cheery, partly due to the grey weather. Blog things may cheer up as time progresses, but it does remain to be seen where Z takes me.

Merry Christmas 2014.


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