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New Year’s Eve 2014

2014 I was sort of ignoring the ‘end of year’ thing, mainly due to facebook stealing it from everyone, but decided, as a blogger, it was necessary to think backwards, not forwards. So I dragged out the diary and looked to January 2014. I found out my gain has been at the loss of my … Continue reading

Through the door.

THROUGH THE DOOR This is a story I wrote for Halloween, but I understand the Victorians liked ghost stories at Christmas. So recent circumstances have made me wish to share. It takes time to say good bye to the ghosts… Title inspired by the Victorian ghost stories, but story written before seeing ‘The Cold Embrace’ … Continue reading

Advent: Z

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Attempting to write something for each letter of the alphabet during December has been EXHAUSTING! Alongside this I have set up tweets each morning for Tunbridge Wells Writers A-Z, therefore spending about an hour a day on writing, and sharing, during the time of year when there is already not enough hours in the … Continue reading

Advent: Y

YULE: Another trip to wikipedia to see where Yule comes from. A Germanic month, round about December/January time. An interesting read, including the things about dragging logs indoors. However, for the big day let’s go for: YUCK: Yes, an unlikely word for Y on Christmas Day, but here’s to all those who repress the thought … Continue reading

Advent: X

XMAS Sadly, in my mind, X could only be for Xmas, a word I hate. However, a very handy one on twitter when limited to 140 characters. Any letter economy on twitter is good, but about that I’ll c u l8r. As for Xmas – here’s some wikipedia: Xmas is a common abbreviation of the word Christmas. It is … Continue reading

Advent: W

WINTER WONDERLAND Frozen in the memory, a film world of snow and sleigh bells. In Hollywood and Phil Spector worlds it was always a Winter Wonderland of icy delights and love affairs, surprise gifts and cosy sweaters. For the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, it was always winter but never Christmas, while Slade and … Continue reading

Advent: V

Looking for a Venue for a Video of a Vicar in a Vestry… I was stuck about the letter V until Ephemeral Short Film Co. released their Christmas short film, based on a story written for last year’s TW Writers’ advent calendar. Back in October I had been asked if I knew of a church … Continue reading

Advent: U

UNDER-COOKED A general feeling that a time of feast and festivity is dominated by under-cooked turkey. The day could perhaps be enhanced by opting for something simple, like spaghetti and meatballs? As for under-cooked Christmas cake and pudding… who wants to cut the first tasty slice just to find gooey batter mix lurking in the … Continue reading

Advent: T

TROUBLE The trouble is, it’s not cold enough. The trouble is, Aunt Betty can’t come round til 2pm. The trouble is, it’s out of stock until Monday. The trouble is, it’s on the same time as Dr Who. The trouble is, I’ve had too much to drink now. The trouble is, the sprouts were ready … Continue reading

Advent: S

Solstice Have I said this before? My lasting memory of my ‘Ladybird’ Christmas book (circa approx 1972) was the first page image of some cave’people’ in a cave praising the sun, and a write up on the Winter Solstice. The rest of the book went on to Baby Jesus (who did have his own ‘Ladybird’ … Continue reading