Advent: A


The first gig at Tunbridge Wells Forum for December is on the 2nd, when Allusondrugs return. It will be their third gig there this year. We went to see them the first time on a warm, June evening, and their return at the start of the Christmas season is helping to remind me what we are celebrating: The Winter Solstice. After December 21st the days WILL get longer, and warmer, again – we aren’t really on a slow decent into eternal darkness!

I quizzed them in September for the Forum’s Blam magazine, and this is the follow up on-line interview:

It doesn’t seem five minutes ago, but it was September when I last fired off some email questions to Allusondrugs. They were just getting ready to support Lonely The Brave and Marmozets on The Big Cheese Tour. Now they are off on their own tour, and return to TW Forum on Tuesday 2nd December. December? Already?
So – Allusondrugs – how did it get to be December already?
Haha, you know.. Times files when you’re having fun and all that.
The evening of Big Cheese Tour at TW Forum was INCREDIBLE – there was so much energy in the room! How was the rest of the tour?
We loved it. It’s nice to be given an opportunity like that so we gave it all we could. Being on tour with TLB and Marmozets was a real pleasure.. Seeing them both play every night was unreal. The show at TW Forum was especially crazy, all sorts went on!!
Lasting friendships made hopefully…… ?
What now – you are touring AGAIN? Is there a part of this year where you haven’t been touring?
We love being on tour – we will play any show we can and we’d even live on tour if we could.. You have to take a break sometimes though, writing and rehearsing plays a big part in the grand scheme of things so time has to be made for that too. Nothing beats playing live though.
Looking into 2015, TW Forum will be joining in Independent Venue Week, which has just been launched, with Frank Turner as official ambassador – with all your touring, what is your view of Independent Music Venues around the country?
There aren’t enough of them! Franchise events are good but can sometimes be less unique – the IVW event really helps send shockwaves across the music scene and all the great venues the event takes place at.. it celebrates the strength of these venues running independently and helps to keep locals attending gigs. Winners all round.
And finally, what plans have you got for 2015 (aside from world domination)?
Moving in together and making sure we brush up on our cooking skills so none of us gets a punch after serving everyone a bad meal. We’re hopefully gonna write a load of music too, haha!!

Here’s a little PR Blurb, I like this band and hope they are going to keep getting recognition during 2015:

Hot on the heels of October’s single ‘I Should Have Gone To Uni’, West Yorkshire psychedelic alt-rock-grunge-pop weirdos Allusondrugs offer the world a new slice of what they do best, in the form of live favourite ‘Am I Weird?’.
The new track is available as a free download from: 

You can watch the video now on the band’s Youtube channel here:

The track – written by guitarist Damo – deals with the social awkwardness of adolescence and was recorded and mixed by the band in their home studio earlier this month; never ones to shy away from a spot of hard work, the band also produced, directed and edited the video at home in Castleford, West Yorkshire too.
The band end the year with a pair of Christmas shows; first with Enter Shikari + Baby Godzilla at Enter Shikari’s Xmas Party show in Liverpool on 17th Dec and then in Sheffield for their own headline Xmas Party at Corporation on Friday 19th Dec.
Allusondrugs formed in the autumn of 2012 & have been building a rapidly loyal following with their alluring sound and DIY approach to releasing music online as and when they like (sometimes before it’s even finished), streaming practices live on the web, and hosting debauched parties at monthly club residencies / in the woods / wherever they damn well like.


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