Advent: O


We are all completely overstuffed, overfull. It’s ridiculous. It started after the stocking opening at 6am, when we had some coffee and croissants in bed. There was the thought of a little snooze after the children returned to their rooms to play, but we remembered the turkey had to be in the oven at 5am. As we were already two hours late with everything we thought we’d fry some bacon and eggs, and made a stack of sandwiches for breakfast. The children then wanted to open the presents under the tree, and we thought we’d have some chocolates out the tin. Shook it well afterwards so it looked like no-one had started them before Aunty Jill came round. Seemed about the right time for some bucks fizz and a few nuts after that, once we’d found the nut-cracker. Of course once everyone started arriving, I was in the kitchen, peeling potatoes and putting those crosses in the sprouts. The turkey didn’t look very cooked. John got everyone some more bucks fizz, and they put on the TV. I didn’t put the potatoes in the oven, as the turkey was a bit pink, and by the time the film finished it was nearly 3pm. The tin of chocolates was finished too. The turkey was done, and had a good rest on the side, while I whacked the oven up high to try and get the potatoes done quickly. The kids were moaning they were hungry, so we opened some crisps and nibbles while The Queen’s Speech was on. Aunty Jill was pleased to see The Queen, but then she started asking what time lunch would be, as she had to take her pills. So she had a bit of the evening tea ham in a sandwich so she could take her tablets, and we finished off the nibbles. I suppose the dinner was ready about five in the end, what with the veg not being done the same time as the stuffing, but it was quite nice as it was dark by then, and we had candles and fairy lights all round the dining room. John had to take some of the empty bottles outside to the recycling bin as the kitchen was getting a bit untidy. Then he found the brandy, and we had a super blue flame round the pudding. So good we did it twice. A few mince pies, mints, cheese and biscuits. We nearly missed Dr Who we were having such a laugh over the crackers – the ones you pull, not the cheese ones. Then you rang. Anyway, how was your day?


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