Advent: W

Frozen in the memory, a film world of snow and sleigh bells. In Hollywood and Phil Spector worlds it was always a Winter Wonderland of icy delights and love affairs, surprise gifts and cosy sweaters. For the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, it was always winter but never Christmas, while Slade and Roy Wood would have us in a permanent Christmas. Aided by The Snowman flying through the air, and even a Fairytale of New York, fiction, film and music have created a Christmas that is probably un-achievable. As the magical white Christmas idea of the 1960s faded, we are offered ‘Theme Worlds’ of polar bears, penguins and Father Christmas, and even overnight trips to Lapland to experience the real thing. Confronted by a real Britain covered in snow, most people complain as they can’t drive anywhere and “our train system just can’t cope”, while muddy, wonky faced snowmen linger in gardens as the pavements melt and re-freeze into lethal ice-rinks. Some-how that magical world where all your dreams come true (due to snow and Santa) is better in a book, in a film, or singing out of the department store doors… Search out ‘Holiday Inn’ and enjoy, it’s sure to just rain hard in the UK this Yuletide.


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