New Year’s Eve 2014


I was sort of ignoring the ‘end of year’ thing, mainly due to facebook stealing it from everyone, but decided, as a blogger, it was necessary to think backwards, not forwards. So I dragged out the diary and looked to January 2014. I found out my gain has been at the loss of my husband and the band he was in last year. During January he was off gigging, and I wasn’t doing so much. There is a low point in February when two months of rain take their toll on the country. There is even a quote from a Tom Waits song “When the weather gets rough and it’s whiskey in the shade.” which seemed to sum up the beginning of the year. But somewhere, like Forrest Gump, it stopped raining. Somewhere I got involved in unfest and Local and Live. At that time, everything changed.

It was even a change for the blog, as I ran out of photo capacity, and had to start a new blog. It also changed time, involving me more in twitter, and less in reviewing life in a blog. But I feel blessed for the change. I feel I’m doing something helpful, for something I feel passionately about. I don’t know if I am being helpful. Time will tell that, the tick tock of 2015.

New Year’s Eve requires looking back a year, but if I look backwards five years, things are so much better now. New Year’s Eve requires planning the year ahead. How can you? What happens depends on the rest of the world. Spinning onwards, we are but small parts of the sum total. A desire to lose weight, exercise more, eat less, drink less, blah,blah, I say you never know when “a double decker bus crashes into us, if a ten ton truck kills the both of us” (The Smiths) – who knew a year ago that ‘tribute’ band The Smyths would play The TW Forum in August and provide one of the most enjoyable nights out?

Ditch those resolutions and go out and live. Look forward each day, and never backwards. Especially at facebook, or twitter. Never look backwards at twitter. Live. Now.


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