Word Up! is back @WordUpPoets

Poetry and Spoken Word time again:

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This is the writing I have been doing recently:

2015-03-11 22.14.00

52 days ago: Good meeting at @TWSussexArms to discuss our return to @twforum
48 days ago: Plans are forming for March 11th – twforum.co.uk/listings/event… @twforum – so get writing ready for the Slam #spokenword #poetry #TunbridgeWells

2015-03-11 22.12.15

36 days ago: Five weeks until we are back @twforum with @RobertAuton as headline. We need some slammers – so get writing and rehearsing. If you fancy it.
27 days ago: Our March @RobertAuton is now up in the foyer of @twforum – watch out for copies around town too! #TicketsOnDoor

2015-02-18 22.50.06

21 days ago: Now – just need a few slammers for March 11th @twforum – did you enjoy tonight @JavabeanTW ? Come along then!
8 days ago: Next Wednesday twforum.co.uk/listings/
4 days ago: Nice piece on @RobertAuton theguardian.com/stage/2015/mar… @guardian
2 days ago: Any questions? Write them into a poem then, and come and slam…

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