I was watching a star

Tiny, small

And only me looking


I told a friend

They came to watch too

Just us two


We liked the star

Saw potential

For greater things


For ages we watched

As the star grew

Little by little


More people came

They clapped

They cheered


The star shone

The applause helped

Glowing bright


This star

We talked to people

Come and see it


Soon the star

Had outgrown us



Hundreds of people

Came along

Cheered and clapped




Our star is great


We now watched

From afar

At our star






It was inevitable

That star

Would explode


So big

So bright

So much attention


It became too much

And those people

Watched in horror


Some cried

Because the star

Wasn’t the same


Years passed


Then I watched in horror


The star was back

Trying to gain support

Based on that former glow


People ran around

Whipping up support

Clapping hands


Hooray – Look

And the people

Fell for it


They remembered the past

And it had been



So they went

To watch the star



They wanted to recall

The great past days

The glory


But that star

Had moved on

Grown older


And I shouted

Into the darkness

All alone


Please come

See this new star

It will shine


And I know

It will be ages

Before they listen






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