So many blogs written in my head and not on the laptop. Where has time gone? I had a vague story idea, I had attended events, and news, never wrote any of them … not it’s nearly the end of the year!!

I think earlier today something made me realise I a probably only doing many of the things I’m now doing because I wrote this blog six years ago on a very regular basis. Now I am just too busy to write it. Then I realised it’s three weeks to Christmas, when someone said “are you excited?” – No, because there are so many other good things all year – what is so exciting about the shortest day?

What has happened? Sisteray played again. October Drift played again. The Winter Sessions at The Ice Rink are back again. The Council still want to build ‘Calverley Square’. We went to Brighton to see The Veteran Car Run. We went to Canterbury to see the WW1 war memorial. We went to Bath to see the Christmas Markets. Meetings about water, parks, art, tourism, airplanes, the future. The ice rink opened and the panto is coming. Rattling through life.





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