I’ve lived in Royal Tunbridge Wells now for nearly 27 years, and for 23 of those in the same house. We are on a hill, well, most people in Tunbridge Wells are, and at the bottom of the hill is a park. Eight years ago I joined the Friends group, and became interested in the local history of the area.

Everyone thinks Tunbridge Wells is really posh, but its not all like that. It’s a Spa town that has hidden most of its water. Its a town which was built up in Victorian times and completely unsuited to modern cars.

I was born and bred in Canterbury, and I still think of Canterbury as home. I think Canterbury is very vibrant, probably because of its student population, and I’d like Tunbridge Wells to be a bit more exciting.

New blog for 2014 Social Mediable

While I am quite happy for you to press the share on twitter and facebook buttons, as these show the whole blog, where the photo has come from, and the background information; I’d rather you didn’t just copy and paste photos from this blog without asking and crediting. May seem petty to you, but I spend time collating and collecting, and it’s nice to have the recognition, thanks.


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