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MONDAY 6TH AUGUST – FRIDAY 10TH AUGUST 2018 Dithered over the title, should it just be Edinburgh, or Edinburgh Fringe Festival? Should it be here (photo free) or on my other blog that has less followers, but image capacity? Where should it all start? I think it started when my husband asked for a week … Continue reading

Everything starts somewhere….

“Everything starts somewhere, although many physicists disagree.” is the inspiration line for the local writers’ group Christmas project. I’ve not been to the writers’ group meet-up, but I read their website, follow them on twitter, think a lot about having the courage to go. That line has made me think a bit, and I guess … Continue reading

Advent: J

Jasmine, winter-flowering. The RHS say: “Jasminum (jasmine) is a popular climber with a delicate scent, and there are many cultivars for summer and winter. Jasminum officinale (summer jasmine) is perfect for a sunny, sheltered spot in mild regions of the UK. The cheery yellow flowers of Jasminum nudiflorum (winter jasmine) will brighten up even partially shaded and cold sites at … Continue reading

Advent: C

COLD I had forgotten how cold winter can be until today. So cold that my fingers are numb, ‘chilled to the bone’. But the sunset is golden peachy, pink and brilliant light blue and now fading turning whispery pink and dull blue, til it’s dark. But so cold. I pass a young boy sitting on … Continue reading

Advent: B

BAUBLE BLUES (Fiction) I’m lying on the sofa, under one of those mock-furry blankets. It’s dark, and cold, outside, but I’ve left the curtains open a bit so I can see the Christmas tree in the house over the road. It’s not particularly light, or warm, inside. I have the heating on low, and I’ve … Continue reading

Advent: A

ALLUSONDRUGS The first gig at Tunbridge Wells Forum for December is on the 2nd, when Allusondrugs return. It will be their third gig there this year. We went to see them the first time on a warm, June evening, and their return at the start of the Christmas season is helping to remind me what … Continue reading


Advent starts tomorrow… Not too sure I’m ready to go back to a daily blogging challenge. Challenge one is this pre-December check on scheduling a blog. Scheduling tweets on tweet-deck is currently my life-line having offered to run several other people’s twitter accounts for them – so must be a piece of Christmas-cake here – … Continue reading

Four weeks until Christmas

My Writers’ Group has, again, set up a Christmas writing challenge. In previous years we had ‘A picture paints a 1,000 words’ and an Advent Calendar. Now we have a ‘simple’ daily A-Z idea. Although the way pre-December planning is going Lovely 2 c u may have set himself a majorly large editing task. Firstly … Continue reading


Originally printed in October Tunbridge Wells ‘Town Crier’ magazine. SOUNDS OF THE WELLS Within a few years of Lord North’s discovery, and promotion of, The Wells near Tonbridge, a small spa town resort was growing, providing entertainment for visitors, as well as healthy chalybeate water to drink. For a long time the basis of the … Continue reading

John Peel, 10pm, and growing-up.

It’s a quiet October evening, and I’m catching up on a backlog of reading other people’s blogs (such as Big Forest) and deleting promotional emails. But I stop and listen to the radio; tomorrow will be 10 years since the last radio programme the late John Peel presented. There have already been mentions on BBC … Continue reading