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Coming soon…. unfest14

  Three years ago we ran a take-away sandwich and coffee shop. People used to come and ask to put up posters for events, and one day we were asked to put up a poster for arts at unfest. The girl who brought round the poster explained it was a music festival around the Pantiles, … Continue reading

Family Fun Day 2014

Monday May 5th saw our third Family Fun Day in Grosvenor and Hilbert Park. I suppose this now makes in ‘annual’…. As the poster shows, it’s 125 years since the park was opened, and we started with a slight Victorian theme, but in the end the arrange of attractions were quite diverse. We were happy … Continue reading

Tunbridge Wells Adult Education Centre

This imposing building in Monson Road, next to the Civic Centre, was built as the Technical Institute and opened in 1902. It was supported by Major Charles Fletcher Lutwidge, who was Mayor from 1895 – 1898 and then 1901 -2, he was also cousin of Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson). I went there today after … Continue reading

Bank Holiday Sunday

Just about noon on Sunday and the sun started shining. You could hear event organisers around the town breath a sigh of relief. By 1.30 ‘Music on the Tiles’ was in full flow, with people sitting at the restaurant tables eating lunch and chatting. The Forum and pubs based event ‘heaTWave’ was singing away in … Continue reading

Sparrow Stories, and more art…..

This week ‘Art Pull’ features several artists in the third ‘Mix It Up’, one of whom is Anne Kelly Textiles, who I met in June (top photo) at her South East Open Studio. Anne is still collecting her ‘Sparrow Stories’ for her solo show ‘Small Worlds’ coming up at Trinity Theatre gallery in September. So, … Continue reading

The weekend in the Big Top

Trinity Big Top saw a range of events over the weekend – we went along to two…. Saturday evening saw the show that is produced from the memories collected as ‘Bring the Happy’. Tunbridge Wells is the third town to be visited so memories of Leeds and Coventry were mixed with four days in Tunbridge … Continue reading

National Playday

A belated blog. The first Wednesday in August is National Playday, an event taken on in Grosvenor and Hilbert Park by the Kent High Weald Partnership, as in previous years. Using local wood various ‘making’ activities were available such as wands, dream catchers, bug boxes and Bows and Arrows. There was also face painting, bug … Continue reading

Oxjam Jam Slam

Rewind to Sunday afternoon, and the Market Square, Tunbridge Wells. I mentioned the Oxjam Jam Slam briefly yesterday in a general blog about people getting out and enjoying themselves. The main Oxjam event will be in October, at various different venues around the town. Sunday was a launch, and part of Our Big Gig “bringing … Continue reading

July 13th & 14th 2013 Tunbridge Wells

Yesterday I carried a clinky bag of jam jars to the Oxfam Bookshop in Chapel Place. They are going to be collected by  the organisers of Oxjam Takeover, to be used at the Jam Slam on Sunday… Yes – what the **** am I talking about? Here’s a quote from the Oxjam facebook page: “Oxjam … Continue reading

Search Press (Books for sale!)

Here’s a few more photos from my visit to Search Press – that hidden place in High Brooms. As you can see, the outside of the building (which is big enough for two miles of bunting) isn’t very exciting, but if you enter the door on the far right of the photo, you can browse … Continue reading