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Three days in May

Anticipation, planning, organising. Crossing the road. Sun. Rain. Burgers. Two old men walk in through the open doors, wander around in curiosity, go out again. The drummer smiles the biggest grin. A little girl in a fairy dress dances. Stickers in a box. CDs for sale for £4.00. Flat batteries. Fans on stage and bubble … Continue reading

Joan Wolford

Following on from my chat to local resident Joan Wolford about the opening of The Assembly Hall, which was 75 years ago this Saturday 24th May, I called into the theatre to look at some of the things she had mentioned. Here are the original box offices, built into the pillars of the foyer; also … Continue reading

Charities for unfest

One reason I got to know the people behind The Forum was in a search of what there was for teens to do around Tunbridge Wells. Amazingly, two years later, the proposed Youth Centre, lead by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, has not appeared. However, it was reassuring when I chatted to Jason and Richard at … Continue reading

Banff Film Festival

Oh sad little blackberry phone-camera-photos…. I picked up a flyer in The Assembly Hall lobby a while ago with the thought: “What on earth is the Banff Mountain Film Festival” and what has it got to do with Tunbridge Wells? It turns out the Banff Film and Book Festival is: a film and book festival … Continue reading

Coffee Haus

Don’t you love the internet? You could get lost there forever. While these two photos were uploading I was ‘googling’ Coffee Haus, and haus, and Coffee Haus Studios, and I’m sure half an hour of my life passed by…. The photos are of Fine Grind Espresso Bar set up in Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art … Continue reading

Dave McKean at the Art Gallery

This is the moment when I admit to not having heard of Dave McKean, by name,  until the staff at Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery said in very excited voices “We’ve got the Dave McKean exhibition next year!!” But like very many other people, I will have seen his work somewhere, at sometime, and … Continue reading

Independent Venue Week

I’ve spent ten minutes now wondering how to start this piece…. do I look backwards or forwards? So, I think, forwards: Starting on Tuesday 28th January and running until Sunday 2nd February it will be Independent Venue Week, full details are here, and Tunbridge Wells Forum is one of the eighteen venues taking part in … Continue reading

Animation, Documentary & Busking

If you paid attention, you would have found lots to do in Tunbridge Wells today, including the Oxjam Buskathon on the Pantiles Bandstand, to fundraising in The Bedford Pub with Acoustic Valium Project. Or you could have spent nine hours in Trinity Theatre watching the last day of films at the Electric Lantern Festival . … Continue reading