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Coming soon…. unfest14

  Three years ago we ran a take-away sandwich and coffee shop. People used to come and ask to put up posters for events, and one day we were asked to put up a poster for arts at unfest. The girl who brought round the poster explained it was a music festival around the Pantiles, … Continue reading

The Pantiles in sun and B&W

I spent a sunny Thursday wandering around the town, drinking coffee, catching up with friends, and a lovely lunch in The Cake Shed on The Pantiles. Not only that, I was fiddling around with Black and White photos, I love the patterns the different shades of grey and shadows make…

Family Fun Day 2014

Monday May 5th saw our third Family Fun Day in Grosvenor and Hilbert Park. I suppose this now makes in ‘annual’…. As the poster shows, it’s 125 years since the park was opened, and we started with a slight Victorian theme, but in the end the arrange of attractions were quite diverse. We were happy … Continue reading


A bit of an off the wall blog for me, but after many years of flowering, the quince bush in our garden has produced some fruit. A google search came up with a wordpress blog BerlinPlants that confirmed it was an ornamental quince, but still edible, and so it was added to an apple pie. … Continue reading

Capel Community Orchard

It was lovely yesterday to meet the organisers of Capel Community Orchard, Roger and Celia Worraker, and to chat about how we might set up a community orchard in Grosvenor and Hilbert Park. Roger, as a former lecturer on fruit growing at Hadlow college, was just the right person for advice! Their orchard was planted … Continue reading

Scallywag Cafe

When leaving La Fiamma on Monday (see blog), and crossing Mount Ephraim to Sankeys, we noticed the antique shop on the corner seemed to have sprouted a cafe. It needed investigating, so Kate Sims and I made an appointment for Friday afternoon coffee. However, she couldn’t wait that long and had already been for a … Continue reading

Art Pull in Woods Restaurant

Having got the Art Pull Gallery established in Camden Road, Mark Paul Perry has now set up with Woods restaurant in the Pantiles to display work each month, and jolly good it looks too in the grand setting that is Woods. Last night was the Private View, and due to the glorious networking in Tunbridge … Continue reading

Tea and Jam

Another Oxjam event yesterday, a pop up Tea Room in the vacant shop in Royal Victoria Place. This unit has hosted SoCreate and Bring the Happy, now took it’s turn as a Tea Room with live music, book stall, and a lollipop draw! I caught the very end when Lewis Osmant joined Jay Burgess to … Continue reading

Bank Holiday Sunday

Just about noon on Sunday and the sun started shining. You could hear event organisers around the town breath a sigh of relief. By 1.30 ‘Music on the Tiles’ was in full flow, with people sitting at the restaurant tables eating lunch and chatting. The Forum and pubs based event ‘heaTWave’ was singing away in … Continue reading