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St Peter Church, Bridge

There is no need for me to write anything about the church, as there is an excellent description here. We were in the church graveyard to look at the still flooded field; the graveyard is raised quite high about the field, or as Kent Archaeological Society comment: ‘just above the Nailbourne floodplain’. The water is … Continue reading

Carving in the sandstone

Bridget Powell is now spending eight days at ‘Grosvenor Rocks’ carving as many of the words, phrases and pictures as possible in the time she has. Bridget J Powell

Unveiling Day

We had a sunny morning, but a wet afternoon; here are Grosvenor Rocks at the end of the unveiling day. A visit by the Mayor and his wife, and a crowd of activity, various words and pictures are now on the rocks waiting to be professionally carved over the next couple of weeks.

Enough rain to need an ark

Grosvenor Rocks are all ready for tomorrow, and unveiling day. I wish we could end winter, skip the April showers, and move onto summer. There was enough rain, and hail, this afternoon, you almost needed an ark to sail to the island of rocks.  

Rock installation

Not too much to say…. On a grey, freezing, snowing, hailing day in April, over a year after the first plans were made – the Grosvenor Rocks arrive in their new home by the bridge, involving alot of trucks and cranes. More work to follow in the next week to get them ready for carving … Continue reading

Rocks, Museum, ideas… natural history…

From today anyone can pop into Tunbridge Wells Museum, pick up a pen, and jot down some ideas on their special place in Tunbridge Wells. Information on the ‘Grosvenor Rocks’ project is displayed on the wall in the Natural History Room, and the finished worksheets will be taken along to the Unveiling Day on Saturday … Continue reading

Chalybeate Water

Today, Good Friday, the Chalybeate Spring in the Pantiles re-opened for the summer season, having been shut last year due to troubles with the supply. The traditional ‘dippers’ will be there during the summer serving glasses of water for £1.00. Afterwards we had lunch in the Duke of York, then walked south to Brighton Lake. … Continue reading

About Rocks

Although we had gone to visit a sandstone quarry on Wednesday, the rocks there contained a few extra “ingredients”. Formed when this part of Kent and Sussex was flooded, the sand includes layers of small pebbles (top photo). There are also some rocks with this strange black ring – where carbon is magnetically attracted to … Continue reading