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Robert Marnock

We have written much in newsletter history about water in the Park and anyone who has our book “Grosvenor and Hilbert Park” by Philip Whitbourn and Ian Beavis will know about landscape designer Robert Marnock. In this history piece we’ll try and bring you a few things you may not already know. The design of … Continue reading


MONDAY 6TH AUGUST – FRIDAY 10TH AUGUST 2018 Dithered over the title, should it just be Edinburgh, or Edinburgh Fringe Festival? Should it be here (photo free) or on my other blog that has less followers, but image capacity? Where should it all start? I think it started when my husband asked for a week … Continue reading


Written for Tunbridge Wells Writers ‘Advent’ page, the theme was ‘presents’, click on the link to the site to read other pieces from other writers, a new one each morning. With mine, it’s up to you whether it’s fact or fiction, or a historical mash-up. JEANNE D’ART Jeanne smiled over the Formica tables at Chas. He was … Continue reading

New Year’s Eve 2014

2014 I was sort of ignoring the ‘end of year’ thing, mainly due to facebook stealing it from everyone, but decided, as a blogger, it was necessary to think backwards, not forwards. So I dragged out the diary and looked to January 2014. I found out my gain has been at the loss of my … Continue reading


Originally printed in October Tunbridge Wells ‘Town Crier’ magazine. SOUNDS OF THE WELLS Within a few years of Lord North’s discovery, and promotion of, The Wells near Tonbridge, a small spa town resort was growing, providing entertainment for visitors, as well as healthy chalybeate water to drink. For a long time the basis of the … Continue reading

Joan Wolford

Following on from my chat to local resident Joan Wolford about the opening of The Assembly Hall, which was 75 years ago this Saturday 24th May, I called into the theatre to look at some of the things she had mentioned. Here are the original box offices, built into the pillars of the foyer; also … Continue reading

Coming soon…. unfest14

  Three years ago we ran a take-away sandwich and coffee shop. People used to come and ask to put up posters for events, and one day we were asked to put up a poster for arts at unfest. The girl who brought round the poster explained it was a music festival around the Pantiles, … Continue reading

Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall Theatre at 75

Here’s a piece I wrote for a local magazine Tunbridge Wells Town Crier regarding the forthcoming anniversary at the Assembly Hall: On May 24th 2014, The Assembly Hall Theatre celebrates 75 years since its opening in 1939. While many of us now moan about the lack of  a town centre cinema and the state in … Continue reading

The Pantiles in sun and B&W

I spent a sunny Thursday wandering around the town, drinking coffee, catching up with friends, and a lovely lunch in The Cake Shed on The Pantiles. Not only that, I was fiddling around with Black and White photos, I love the patterns the different shades of grey and shadows make…

A week on, family fun.

Some more glimpses at the diversity at the FoGH Family Fun Day on Monday, from Have a Go at Bowls, to bouncy castles and picnics, to donkey rides. I overheard someone comment on the variety on offer, but very much of it has been an un-intentional gathering over the past three years. I have to … Continue reading