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Fiction: Lock Out!

The Full Council Meeting was due to start at 6.30pm, with doors opening at 6pm. The rain started at 5.30pm, one of many showers during the day, and at 5.45pm the Town Hall staff unlocked the doors and began letting the queue come in. A variety of people, mostly over 30 years in age, and … Continue reading


I was watching a star Tiny, small And only me looking   I told a friend They came to watch too Just us two   We liked the star Saw potential For greater things   For ages we watched As the star grew Little by little   More people came They clapped They cheered   … Continue reading


Written for Tunbridge Wells Writers ‘Advent’ page, the theme was ‘presents’, click on the link to the site to read other pieces from other writers, a new one each morning. With mine, it’s up to you whether it’s fact or fiction, or a historical mash-up. JEANNE D’ART Jeanne smiled over the Formica tables at Chas. He was … Continue reading

Four weeks until Christmas

My Writers’ Group has, again, set up a Christmas writing challenge. In previous years we had ‘A picture paints a 1,000 words’ and an Advent Calendar. Now we have a ‘simple’ daily A-Z idea. Although the way pre-December planning is going Lovely 2 c u may have set himself a majorly large editing task. Firstly … Continue reading


For a while now, I’ve been writing this collection, not so much of stories, but of lives. They can be read in any order, as they are each a table of their own, although they slightly overlap and link. The concept is a Coffee Shop on a Sunday lunchtime, with a band playing. Each table … Continue reading

Three days in May

Anticipation, planning, organising. Crossing the road. Sun. Rain. Burgers. Two old men walk in through the open doors, wander around in curiosity, go out again. The drummer smiles the biggest grin. A little girl in a fairy dress dances. Stickers in a box. CDs for sale for £4.00. Flat batteries. Fans on stage and bubble … Continue reading

Skeptics in the pub

I’d known for a while that Tunbridge Wells had a Skeptics in the pub group, but had never really fancied going along, until last night. Held on the first Thursday of every month, the best way to find out about SitP is to read the wikipedia page…. and I’ll just tell you about last night. … Continue reading

Views from Lewes Castle

When my children were young I loved (even if they didn’t) the books about The Little Red Train. Being at the top of Lewes Castle reminded me of that, seeing distant views and tiny people! In the bottom photo, on left, beyond the bowling green and a couple of buildings, is the second of the … Continue reading

Word Up! Holly McNish

A while ago I was advised to try and make time to get to ‘Word Up!’ on Wednesday 9th April, to see highly acclaimed Hollie McNish. I have written before about ‘Word Up!’, but if you are reading for the first time – ‘Word Up!’ is a spoken word event held in The Forum, hosted … Continue reading

February Read Your Words

After a ‘bit of a break’ I hosted another round of ‘Read Your Words’ at Javabean Cafe last night. The walls made a perfect backdrop with art by Felicity Williams, and ten people came along to read, some for the first time. We had a mix of prose and poetry, with subjects as wide ranging … Continue reading