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Joan Wolford

Following on from my chat to local resident Joan Wolford about the opening of The Assembly Hall, which was 75 years ago this Saturday 24th May, I called into the theatre to look at some of the things she had mentioned. Here are the original box offices, built into the pillars of the foyer; also … Continue reading

Views from Lewes Castle

When my children were young I loved (even if they didn’t) the books about The Little Red Train. Being at the top of Lewes Castle reminded me of that, seeing distant views and tiny people! In the bottom photo, on left, beyond the bowling green and a couple of buildings, is the second of the … Continue reading

New flats Goods Station Road, was Jiskoot

I’ve been following the demolition of Jiskoot and the new build since August 2012. Now finished, and with residents moved in, the flats fit into the road quite well…. not looking that dis-similar to the original office block!

New buildings in Sherwood area

It’s been about a year, but here is the start of new buildings in Sherwood, and more hoardings have gone up, and demolition started on the remaining old flats. Alot of people were around on Monday for the exhibition at TN2 about the proposed development at Knights Park: Plans here

It’s all blue

It may be a little boring now, but here’s the old cinema again. It has some blue hoardings now (oh, hang on – weren’t the old ones blue?) and lots of them, so it’s very safe and secure. Also extra bits of boarded up bits are painted blue, and the people having a circus have … Continue reading

Belated May Day

Surprise circumstances today meant I had to go out for a walk, but there were pleasant blue skies, belated spring flowers and blossom, and a chance to walk along Newcomen Road in the St John’s area, with these lovely houses. It’s good to walk, and these Victorian houses should remind us of a time when … Continue reading

Bridge Place Manor

Today we happened to be in the village of Bridge, East Kent, and get to walk around the outside of Bridge Place Manor. Now run as an over 30s bar and nightclub, I felt a bit of research was needed… There is a good history piece on the website and also some interior photos. This … Continue reading

Crescent Road Car Park

I’ve been out photographing car parks as part of  Car Parking Petition The Crescent road car park is the town’s oldest multi storey, now 45 years old. While not the most attractive building at the moment… how often in history has that been thought, 45 years after the building was built? What will we think … Continue reading

New hoardings for Ritz cinema

Some photos from Friday afternoon showing the start of new hoardings around the whole “cinema grotspot site” . Planning permission has been given for these, before the next lot of work… the planning application for the next stage is still ‘pending’… it’s now two months since the planning applications went in (on the notable date … Continue reading